At Calvert & White, we believe there are four important design goals in developing your custom home plan.

  1. Create a workable floor plan for your lifestyle
  2. Take advantage of all important views
  3. Make sure the plan is compatible with the lot
  4. Develop plans that can be completed within your budget

Because these are so intertwined, we have professionals to assist you in accomplishing the following:

  1. Select from over 600 Southern Living home plans or C&W plans developed for lake (rear view) living
  2. Perform Site Evaluation (No Charge)
  3. Develop Preliminary Floor Plan Design (No Charge)
  4. Prepare Custom Home Design
  5. Recommend Interior Design (No Charge)
  6. Perform Budget Analysis (No Charge)

The following activities are also necessary to complete the building process. C&W will, on your behalf, obtain all necessary permits and testing. You will be billed directly with no builder’s fee for the following:

  1. Underbrush Removal (as needed)
  2. Boundary Survey (as needed)
  3. Topographic Map (as needed)
  4. Tree Survey (as needed)
  5. Sediment and Erosion Control Plan
  6. Landscape Plan
  7. Architectural Control Committee Submittal
  8. Soil Testing
  9. Health Permit
  10. Building Permit